After a very promising beginning, 2014 is especially marked by a rainy summer, with thunderstorms, and sometimes hail. Fortunately, a beautiful autumn, particularly a very sunny September, allowed to gather ideal conditions for an optimal maturation of grapes and preserve the grapes healthy. The harvests began at mid-September.

This young vintage have intense colors and reveals a very fruity nose, a beautiful concentration in mouth, with supple and present tannins, beautiful fruits notes and a great balance. This flattering vintage, have great sharpness, and intense aromas of red berries. Promising wines for which it will be necessary to wait 3 or 4 years to taste it for the best.

White wines present a beautiful liveliness and beautiful minerality. Its character is chiselled and precise. It will reach their best maturity in 2 or 3 years.


2013 was marked by a cold and rainy spring. With important rain periods and thunderstorms (of hail in summer), the season was rather chaotic … The weather improvement and the clement sky in September allowed the grape to reach a great maturity. The weather hazards strongly impacted the vineyard and the vintage in Burgundy. The consequences of the climatic hazards also impacted the quantities harvested and we had to make a big work on the grapes (severe sorting).

Wines are fine and elegant, full of fruits. This surprising vintage evolves in a beautiful way on fine and greedy red berries aromas. A well balanced vintage, whith already well melted tannins.

The whites are very fruity and elegant, and present a beautiful neatness in mouth.


2012 could be qualify of complicated vintage : Very cold in the beginning of February, excessively rainy from April to July, drought and heat in the late season … The flower had great difficulty to pass, and quite small grapes formed on vines… and will finally give a small harvest (30% less). However, the sun of September allowed a beautiful maturity and beautiful tannins, very rape, supple and silky.

2012 is a very beautiful vintage, wines are well balanced and greedy. Wines are concentrated and textured at the same time, fleshy, while expressing pure and fresh fruits. Very beautiful extraction. According to the desires, we can age it a few years or consume it on the fruit. Unfortunately, a beautiful vintage and small yields make that these wines are almost all sold-out.


Precocity and drought marked this vintage which started under the sun. The meteorological trend reversed suddenly at the beginning of July, unusually cold and wet. August is marked by the alternation of heats and sunny episodes, and others cooler and rainier. But at the beginning of September, sun and heat were back.

2011, rainy vintage, gave fruity and elegant wines but rather light. That is why they reach maturity today. This vintage really improved these last years. It is ready-to-drink from now, on evolved and crystallized fruits aromas. An ideal vintage for impatient persons, those who have no cellars or for the greedy, for an immediate pleasure.


The climate was generous, as well in sunshine as in precipitation, and drove wine growers crazy untill the beginning of August. Finally, blue sky returns at the middle of August and grapes reached good maturities. Tannins are very present and powerful, and took time to melt to give more pleasant wines.

This is a vintage to discover or rediscover … It finally opens ! Tannins until then very hard are softens. We have always been confident on this vintage, and our expectations are now confirmed. Wines are powerful and rich with beautiful candied fruits aromas. Very pleasant to taste today, it promise a beautiful moment.