The Work in the vineyard

Our wines are produced in accordance with reasoned culture principles, applying at the same time the principles of integrated farming and as often as the weather conditions allow it, those of biodynamic farming. We work in harmony with the vineyard and its ecosystem, by favoring natural treatment products and by limiting our interventions to the minimum, in order to obtain a healthy harvest.

Vineyards are regularly earthed up and ploughed to ensure that the vines draw in depth the typicality and the expression of their terroir. Plowing also avoids rapid erosion of the soil, therefore ensuring optimal growing conditions for the vines.

A rigorous selection of plants, a thorough pruning and an early thinning out of leaves allow the control of quality and yield. To always obtain the best of each plot, there only remains to select the most favorable harvest date for an optimal maturity and quality. We believe that great wines are born in the vineyard.

Completely hand-harvested, grapes are sorted out and destemmed before being placed in tanks to be vinified.

Wine-making and ageing

The fermentation of Pinot Noir is naturally made, in open tank, without yeast addition, during 12 to 15 days following the harvest, in a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. The wine is punched-down twice a day at the beginning of wine-making.

Wines are exclusively matured in oak barrels during 12 to 18 months. After the malolactic fermentation and a light filtration, they are bottled.

After racking of the must, our Chardonnay ends its alcoholic fermentation in barrels at a temperature between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius to ensure that it retains all its aromatic freshness.
After a minimum 10 month maturing in cask, wines are racked, filtered and bottled.

To protect the character of our wine and its terroir, we do not use more than 10% of new wood.
We believe that wood is solely a support in making good wine, and a slight touch of it is enough to achieve that goal.

Our viticulture and wine-making reflect our will to make genuinely fresh wines, which are the expression of our rich terroir, and of the elegance of the great grape varieties of Burgundy.